Swimming Pool Accessories

swimming pool accessories

Cool Pool Accessories For Your Backyard Pool

Swimming pool accessories are definitely the best way to liven up your pool. If you would like to make the most out of your backyard oasis, you may want to have more than just a handful of inflatable toys floating around. From toys to movie screens, there are some seriously fun items available to boost your entertainment game.

Swimming Pool Games

Pool Volleyball

No need to string a volleyball net up across your pool anymore! Now, you can get an inflatable version that floats on the water. Most inflatable volleyball games come with their own ball and repair kit, in case of a mishap. Not only does a pool volleyball set liven up the backyard, it doesn’t take up a lot of storage space and putting it away is a cinch.


Pool Basketball

There are two kinds of pool basketball sets. The first kind looks like a shorter version of the stand-alone net you might buy for your driveway. It sits on the side of the pool and often comes with two or more balls.


The second kind is a round net that floats on the water. This type can be made of lightweight PVC tubing, or it can be inflatable. Both versions are fun, durable and easy to store.   


Inflatable Beer Pong

Of all the pool accessories for adults, this one is probably the best. Inflatable beer pong features built-in cup holders, a set of ping pong balls and tethers so your game won’t float away. As a bonus, you can use it as a floating lounge when the game is over!


Pool Torpedos

Unlike other pool toys, these torpedos are not lazy floating inflatables. Shaped like a sleek torpedo, these fun pool toys for kids can glide up the 20 feet underwater, making for a challenging game of underwater catch. 



Are you a pro at riding the mechanical bull? How about an inflatable bull? This challenging pool floatie will have you hanging on tight while your friends make waves to knock you into the water. Featuring a riding bull tethered to an outer ring, this adult-sized pool toy is all about finding out just how long you can hold on. 


Watermelon Ball

Unlike beach balls, the watermelon ball can be filled with water so that it can be bounced or kicked underwater before rising up to the surface again. You can make teams and play soccer in the pool, or maybe a game of basketball, complete with dribbling! For the children in your family, the watermelon ball also comes in a junior version.


Swim-Thru Rings

You could have a normal backyard pool to splash around in, or you can make an underwater obstacle course out of these fun pool toys for kids! Swim-Thru Rings typically come in packs of 3, with each ring equipped with its own float to keep it hanging in the water. New swimmers can go through one ring at a time, but confident swimmers can try to get through all 3 rings in one breath.  


Wireless Floating Pool Speakers

Music makes the party, and pool parties are no exception. You could bring out a stereo and hope it doesn’t get wet, but why not get yourself an inflatable pool speaker? These cool pool accessories are fully waterproof, have excellent sound quality and can be connected to virtually any of your devices for at-your-fingertips control.  


Floating Drink Holders

In terms of pool accessories for adults, inflatable drink holders can be a cute way to keep drinks cool and easily accessible. These are basically miniature novelty loungers since they come in all shapes and sizes. Having these floating around your pool means your guests don’t have to get out of the pool to grab their drinks.


Cooler Table

The cooler table doesn’t go in the pool, but no backyard oasis would be complete without one. Resembling round nightclub tables, they feature an insulated cooler bucket capable of keeping up to 60 drink cans cool for as long as 12 hours. With one of these on your pool deck, your guests won’t have to track water through your home just to get a cold drink.


Inflatable Movie Screen

Like the cooler table above, this isn’t really a pool accessory, but it does deserve a mention. Can you imagine floating on your Canopy Island Inflatable Lounger, cuddled up with your partner and watching a movie on one of these screens? Put this bad boy at one end of your pool, secure it in place with the supplied stakes and tethering rope, inflate it with the built-in fans and bring out the movie snacks. 

Inflatable Loungers

Canopy Island Inflatable Lounger

No list of cool pool accessories would be complete without a Canopy Island Inflatable Lounger. When life is getting you down, relaxing on a floating lounger can really take the stress away. In the hot summer sun, a detachable awning gives you the option of sun-bathing or lying in the shade. There is a backrest on one side of the lounger, as well as two cup holders so that you can lounge around with a buddy. The Canopy Island Inflatable Lounger is also the perfect way to take in a movie on the Inflatable Movie Screen.


4-in-1 Hammock

This 4-in-1 inflatable pool float can be a lounge chair, an exercise seat, a hammock or a drifter. Featuring air-filled pillows connected by a woven fabric strip that molds to your body for the ultimate in comfort, this hammock lets you choose how you want to float. With a 250lb weight threshold, almost anyone can enjoy relaxing on one of these multi-purpose floaties. 


Novelty Loungers and Islands

Remember that animal-shaped inflatable swimming ring you used to have as a kid? Now, you can express your personality with inflatable loungers that come in all shapes and sizes. For some added fun, why not throw a unicorn lounger into your pool, or maybe a watermelon slice floating island? Climb onto a giant inflatable hotdog for a fun way to float the hours away.


Whether you like to entertain guests, or you just like to enjoy your own company, having a backyard pool is well worth the investment. Our experts can work with you to determine the size of shape of pool that best suits your backyard and works for your budget. Contact us today!


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